Signature Topics in Materials Research



Ongoing interests include the molecular design of soft materials, nanomaterials, immune-active materials, scaffolds for tissue engineering, and basic investigations into the complex mechanisms by which materials engage biology.

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Computational Materials Discovery

Accelerating the discovery of new materials by creating computational models based upon the theories of molecular dynamics or quantum mechanics—enabling the prediction and modification of fundamental materials properties.


Electronic & Photonic Materials

A research area that has the potential to address many of the grand challenges currently facing society, including better diagnostic tools, creating better chemical and gas sensors, and other novel electronic and photonic technologies.

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Energy Materials

Our approach to the development of energy materials solutions is to couple basic chemistry and materials design into high-performance prototypes of new devices and applications.



Duke is home to a globally-recognized group of researchers dedicated to the exploration of artificially structured materials and their potential impact across a broad range of technologies.


Soft Materials

Ongoing interests include the design of "smart" biomolecular nano-structures, characterization of soft-wet materials on surfaces and interfaces, biomolecular sensors and biointerfaces.