Duke's Innovative Multidisciplinary Approach to Materials Science & Engineering

Many of the grand challenges that face society today require new and improved materials to help provide solutions, and this need is driving a resurgence in the importance and relevance of education and research in materials science and engineering (MSE).

Duke University is a premier institution for materials science and engineering education, research, and innovation.

We are a multidisciplinary university graduate degree program that takes advantage of these strengths across Duke to train the next generation of materials scientists and engineers.

Through our innovative multidisciplinary approach, the University Program in Materials Science & Engineering at Duke transcends the traditional boundaries of materials classifications and scientific disciplines.


Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts

Director of Graduate Studies
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
+1 919 660-5560

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Katie Krieger

Katie Krieger

Admissions & Administrative Coordinator
Director of Graduate Studies Assistant

+1 919 660-5142


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